OUR roads are becoming increasingly dangerous whether you are a driver, motorcyclist, cyclist or a pedestrian.

Road rage is becoming increasingly common as indeed are hit-and-run incidents.

The most recent example of the latter occurred on Sunday when a nine-year-old was knocked off his scooter by two people on a moped, the impact throwing the youngster into the gutter behind a parked car.

The boy’s mum, Sarah Murray, was alerted to what had happened by his sister’s screams after she witnessed what had happened from her bedroom window.

Sarah found her son covered in blood and after being taken to hospital, it was discovered he had suffered swelling to his brain.

That is terrible but it has to be stressed he could easily have died.

Driving without due care and attention can and often does cause carnage as does drink-driving and speeding, yet it seems there are still those who fail to heed the warnings and flout the law.

As roads in Sussex become increasingly clogged up patience is needed and a large degree of common sense, whatever mode of transport you choose.

Increasingly cyclists are seen riding three or four abreast or speeding along pavements, motorcyclists weave in and out of traffic and drivers overtake on blind bends.

Sussex Police’s summer campaign against drink-drivers was a welcome initiative yet worryingly a large number were still caught over the limit.

Youngsters racing about on mopeds is also becoming increasingly prevalent and are a potential recipe for disaster. The rules of the road are there for a reason.