A WOMAN is desperately appealing for help to find her missing chihuahua.

Tiny, who is said to be even smaller than most of her breed, has been gone for two weeks.

Owner Samantha May, who is 31 weeks pregnant, is distraught and is begging people to help find the little dog.

She is offering a reward to anyone who helps bring her home, though she is not saying how much it would be.

Ms May said her 18-month-old pet went missing from the family home in Gardner Road, Portslade, a fortnight ago today.

Chicken wire surrounding the garden was moved and she is unclear whether Tiny escaped or was taken.

Ms May, 34, said: “I am devastated our little Tiny has gone. My son John who is 12 is missing her lots.

“He goes out on his bike with his friends looking for her.

“It’s heartbreaking having little tip-offs and rushing off to go and have a look and then finding nothing and feeling disappointed.”

The hunt for Tiny has spread since Ms May posted an appeal on social media.

It has since been shared at least 300 times and she has had calls from people in Whitehawk, Portslade, Lancing and Brighton and Hove.

Ms May bought Tiny from her neighbour four months ago.

She said: “I have only had Tiny for four months but I have known her all her life since she was a baby because she lived next door.”

Ms May said Tiny could sense that she was pregnant and that she had an incredibly loyal nature.

She said: “Every time I sat down on the sofa she would jump up and rest her little paw on my tummy.

“She is quite timid but she’s one of those dogs that has one person at the centre of their focus and that is me.”

Ms May, who lives with her son, said losing Tiny has had a big impact on many people including her neighbours and other dog lovers in the community.

She said: “We have had so many different leads and heard about different sightings in Mile Oak and Whitehawk, it’s hard to know if she has just escaped, been stolen or been stolen and sold on.”

Ms May said she has been overwhelmed by the support from family, friends and strangers.

She said: “I can’t believe how many people there are giving up their time and energy to help us.

“Tiny going missing has brought the community together and so many people are rooting for her, so many people are taking time out of their working day to help, it’s amazing.”

Ms May has found it hard to cover a lot of ground during the search parties because she is so pregnant.

She said: “It’s hard for me to bend down and look in bushes for such a small dog.

“I’m grateful to all those putting up posters and sharing information about Tiny on social media, especially given some posts are getting over 300 shares.

“I can see that people are trying their hardest and I get so much support and people telling me to keep going.

“I am like a dog with a bone, I won’t give up.

“She can’t defend herself, I am her mum so that is my job.”