A JEALOUS abuser threatened to chop up his girlfriend and serve her at his uncle’s restaurant.

Rayhan Kibria made the threats to Danielle Ludford at her home in Brighton when he was drunk earlier this year.

The 25-year-old had been in a “volatile” relationship with her since December last year, and would often become abusive and violent after drinking.

In one of the attacks against Ms Ludford, he threatened to slash her throat, and in another he put his hands on her throat.

Then when she decided to press charges, he pretended to be his mother and bombarded her with messages, begging for her to drop the case.

Hove Crown Court heard that he has two previous convictions for domestic abuse against other women in 2012 and 2016.

Judge David Rennie handed him a 16-month suspended prison sentence, and told him he needs to “grow up” and learn to “treat women with the respect that they deserve”.

Christopher Prior, prosecuting, said the first incident was on May 18 this year, when police were called.

She was with her mother, and Kibria made threats to both of them.

Mr Prior said: “Kibria had made threats to kill her by slashing her throat. Generally he was a nice person when sober, but became difficult when drinking.

“The argument escalated, she made attempts to leave but Kibria made threats to her. He said to them ‘I’m going to chop you up and make my uncle serve you in his restaurant’.

“Ms Ludford’s mother became extremely upset and scared.”

Then on June 13, he turned up outside her flat and was shouting her name, so Ms Ludford let him in as her dog was already barking and she didn’t want to disturb her neighbours.

Ms Ludford thought Kibria was “angling for a fight”, and didn’t want to go through another ordeal as she tried to get him to leave.

When she asked a neighbour to call the police, he shouted at her, making her so upset with tears that she was nearly sick.

Mr Prior said: “Because she was crying so hard, he took hold of her throat in a controlling gesture, and with both hands he pushed her backwards.”

Kibria, of Ditchling Road in Brighton, was put under a restraining order in 2012 after admitting harassment, and another restraining order in 2016 for criminal damage.

On Monday he admitted two common assault charges and intimidating a witness.

Nicholas Hamblin, defending, said: “Drink, and jealousy is also a problem he is going to have to deal with, and grow up, effectively.

“He accepts he has to seize the initiative, he doesn’t have difficulties in his relationships, and he is going to have to deal with them.

“This man can pay back society with unpaid work. He is ashamed of what he did, and he has served three months in custody.”

Judge Rennie ordered Kibria to complete 10 sessions at the Building Better Relationships programme, along with 10 rehabilitation days as part of a community order.

The judge said: “You don’t seem to be able to handle those feelings when other people hurt your feelings. You are a bright young man, you know how it feels to be locked up, and you are someone that probation say they are able to work with. I think that is a goal worth pursuing.

“Take this chance, and treat women with the respect that they deserve.”