A PENSIONER who eats ten sausage rolls a day was horrified to find that his packet only had nine.

Tony Francis has been a regular purchaser of the snacks from his Aldi supermarket at Boundary Road in Portslade.

But when the 74-year-old checked to complain about being a sausage roll short of a full pack, he was angered to learn there had been a recall on the products for a risk of containing metal earlier this summer.

Now he says he has given up eating sausage rolls altogether, because he believes Aldi should have done more to make him aware that a previous batch was recalled.

Mr Francis said: “I was gobsmacked.

“I was in Aldi and usually buy the pack of 10 sausage rolls. When I got them home I found out there was only nine.

“So I tried to get in touch with the supplier, but ended up going through to Aldi itself.

“That’s when I found out that the rolls I had been buying every day had been taken off the shelves because metal was found in them.

“I buy them on a regular basis, and I have never been told about it. There was no barcode on the packet, so I don’t if they were in the batch that was recalled.”

He said the supermarket staff had offered to either refund or replace the product.

In June it was reported that Aldi, Nisa, and Tesco had issued the recall notice on the products, made in Warwickshire.

But Mr Francis said the supermarket should have done more to warn him about the danger.

He said: “I’ve decided not to eat them. Surely they should have said it was not safe. I know it is not good PR. As a business, I would try to keep it quiet and move them off the shelves.

“But as a customer, I live on my own and this is a regular purchase for me. I’m not very IT friendly, and when I learned about it, I thought ‘crikey, how bad could it have been?’

“I’m not eating sausage rolls any more.”

Aldi says product recall notices will be displayed in prominent places such as the store entrance for six weeks. It includes a picture, product name, and reason for the recall.

The company said: “The packet Mr Francis bought was not affected by the recall in June. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and have offered him a full refund.”