A PET owner who found her beloved rabbit decapitated said she is “devastated” the Police have dropped their investigation into the M25 Cat Killer.

On Thursday, the Metropolitan Police concluded their three-year investigation into the alleged pet killer who was suspected to have killed over 400 animals.

Police believe the mutilations were likely down to fox attacks.

But a group tracking the cat killer, called Snarl, say they have proof many killings were human caused and will continue their investigations.

Nicola Camoccio, from St Leonards, found her beloved pet rabbit Clive mutilated in her garden last Christmas.

Snarl say they have no doubt it was the work of the killer and was “one of the nastiest” incidents they had investigated.

The 48-year-old has kept Clive’s decapitated body in the hope that the killer is caught, and the rabbit’s head is returned, so that she could have a proper burial for him.

Nicola said: “It was so horrific finding Clive, the killer took all of his internal organs ribs and backbone – I was hysterical.

“I remember feeling so much fear.”

Snarl and Nicola say the remains of Clive were found in Nicola’s garden.

Clive’s liver had been placed by the shed and appeared “surgically removed” according the animal rescue charity.

Nicola was asked not to remove the organ from the garden and so she put a pot over it to protect it from scavengers.

Nicola says the next morning when she lifted the pot, Clive’s liver had been replaced by his collar.

Along with Snarl, she has no doubt that the attack was human, not fox-related.

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She added: “The police have dismissed it as a fox but I’m angry because I know that this person is still out there. Clive is now gone and there’s other victims.

“The killer will never stop until he is caught.”

In response to the police’s conclusion, the animal charity released a statement on Thursday.

Boudicca Rising, the founder of Snarl, said: “We have taken a collective decision to continue with the investigation.

“Our thoughts are with owners who have been confronted by this news without any warning.”

Sussex Police said: “Sussex Police did refer a number of incidents of mutilated animals to the Metropolitan Police, but there was no evidence to suggest that there was any anything suspicious.”