THERE must be something in the water.

Four neighbours have given birth in the space of two weeks – and the babies are all boys.

The families in Gladys Avenue, Peacehaven, welcomed their bundles of joy between August 31 and September 11.

The women, who have known each other for almost three years, were shocked to discover they had all given birth to boys.

All four were born in the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton.

Jessica Houlders, 27, a part-time receptionist, welcomed her son George Peter on September 9. He weighed 7lb 4oz.

Her husband Peter, 31, is a team manager, which could come in handy as all the boys grow up.

She said: “I am so excited to go through this magical journey together. It was a great coincidence, nothing was planned and it was a very good surprise.

“We joked that it must be something in the Peacehaven water. George is my second child, I have a daughter Florence who is three. She was so excited to have a baby brother.”

Daisy Foreman, 26, works as a concession manager and her husband is 25-year-old estate agent Felix Foreman.

She gave birth to Jude, who weighed 9lb 10oz, on September 11.

She said: “We were very excited. It’s great to think there will be so many children of similar ages next door.

“Jude is quiet unless he is hungry.

“Everyone is in the same boat so we can look after each other.

“Jude is our second child. Our first is Arthur, who is two.

“He loves his little brother and is always hugging and kissing him.”

Amy Newton Beeny, 35, works as a nursery supervisor.

She and husband Craig, 34, a windscreen technician, welcomed their first child, Grayson, on September 8.

She said: “Grayson weighed 5lb 1oz as he was born nearly five weeks early.

“Obviously we are first time parents, so it’s nice to know that neighbours around me were expecting too so I have people to turn to for advice.

“It’s a very crazy coincidence, but a happy one of course.

“We all joked it’s something about Peacehaven, even our neighbours agreed.”

Christy Hearn, 29, works as a complaint handler. She and her husband Wesley Simmonds, 33, who works as a manager, had their second son Amar’e on August 31.

Christy said: “Amar’e weighed 10lb.

“He’s a big baby and very healthy.

“It’s just really nice to know all our boys live near each other.

“Parents can look out for each other, and our children too.

“Our fist child Traye is three and just five days younger than Jess’s daughter.

“He was very excited to know he has a baby brother.”