A NEWLYWED couple have told of their happiness after they were married on skates on the seafront.

In a special ceremony Kiki Scott, 30 and Nicholas Johnstone, 35, were married in Hove surrounded by their close friends and family, many of whom joined the couple on roller skates, longboards and skateboards to skate along the seafront after the ceremony.

The couple, both of Hanover, are both keen skaters and decided that they wanted to include a hobby that is important to both of them in their marriage ceremony.

Nicholas said: “It was a really special day. I felt so blessed with all of our friends and family and the sunshine.

“It felt great to skate along our beautiful seafront as a newly-married couple.

“It’s something we do every day of our lives and it was so special to do it on that brilliant day.

“It was the best day of my life.”

Kiki, who is part of weekly skating club Brighton Skate, said: “My partner skates boards, I’ve always been into skates, so this felt like the right way to celebrate.

“A lot of our friends are involved in various skating scenes as well so it’s important to us.”

As well as skating in Brighton, Kiki has performed across England and Germany under the name Kiki LaHula, where she combines roller skating with her other passion of hula hooping.

She has performed with circuses and cabarets including at Brighton Fringe.

Kiki also told of how skating had special significance for her and her partner’s relationship.

She said: “We actually met through skating.

“He was out on his board doing some tricks and I was there with my skates on, doing my own thing.

“I think I must have been impressed by his tricks and I probably told him so, and from there on it’s history. I really like how we met, I think it’s so much more romantic than Tinder.”