Grandfather Terence Fitzgerald bit into a Mars - and chomped on a gold tooth hidden inside.

Mr Fitzgerald, 62, was tucking into a Mars Duo when he came across the metal tooth.

The grandfather, of Albany Road, St Leonards, said: "All of a sudden I felt something stick in my throat.

"I managed to cough it up and at first thought it was a bit of metal or something.

"With closer inspection I realised it was a gold tooth with a bit of the tooth still attached."

Reeling from the discovery, he quickly got in touch with Mars, based in Slough, to complain.

He said: "I sent them a couple of emails and when I received no reply after three days I rang them.

"They said a letter was in the post but that they also wanted access to my dental records to prove it wasn't mine.

"I was shocked. It was as if they didn't believe me.

"I used to have a Mars bar every day but I haven't had one since. It was horrible and I felt sick.

"I won't be eating a Mars again."

After visiting his dentist for his records and a doctor to ensure he had not caught anything from the gold tooth, Mr Fitzgerald sent the bar back and is demanding an explanation as to how the golden gnasher ended up embedded in the chocolate bar.

He has yet to receive any compensation or an apology from the firm, which also makes Snickers, Twix and Malteasers.

A spokesman for Mars said: "We want our products to reach our customers in pristine condition.

"We urge the customer to send the product, and the item he says he found in it, back to us as soon as possible as we need to investigate this matter immediately."

Mr Fitzgerald has now sent the Mars back and is awaiting a response.

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