A DRIVER was caught on camera “speeding” down the wrong side of a road to get to KFC.

Dashcam footage shows the silver car racing along Portland Road, Hove, and pulling up outside the chicken shop in Boundary Road.

It passes three central bollards on the wrong side, near to Olive Road, before crossing back to the right side of the carriageway.

Police are now appealing for witnesses to help trace the driver.

The dashcam footage showing the drama on the evening of September 16 was captured by another driver, Nick Lamb from Hove.

He was travelling with his partner when they saw the car at 10.22pm.

He said: “I noticed the car come up behind me and after it happened we were just shocked as to how bad this person was driving.

“I’m very glad I have a dashcam.”

A dashcam is an onboard camera that continuously records from the vehicle.

Mr Lamb’s camera caught the moment the silver car overtook him at speed.

The vehicle then drives past the three bollards near the Olive Road junction, before crossing back to the correct side.

Mr Lamb said he could not believe someone would drive in this manner, especially at the spot where two nursery nurses were killed in a drink-drive crash in 2004.

Natalie McCabe, 21, and Vicki Browne, 19, were passengers in drink-driver Graham Travers’ car.

They were killed and another woman lost her leg in the crash in Portland Road.

Travers was sentenced to five and a half years in prison for death by dangerous driving.

Mr Lamb said: “I was driving back from my partner’s parents quite late on Sunday.

“There was not much traffic but about three cars passed me coming from the opposite direction.

“Then the silver car went past – it looked like it was doing about 60 or 70 mph.”

Robert Nemeth, Brighton and Hove City councillor for Wish Ward, said: “This was an idiotic manoeuvre which had the obvious potential for loss of others’ lives.

“I very much hope that the police will choose to check the cameras and arrest the driver. Morons like this shouldn’t be on the road.”

Neither the driver or the car have been identified and police are appealing for information. A spokesman said: “From the video footage, the driver is suspected of speeding on the wrong side of the road, on the wrong side of keep left islands.

“If anyone has information about the car or driver, please report it online at webcontact.sussex.police.uk/ASDPRS or call 101 quoting reference 459861.”

Between 2012 and 2016 there was 14,225 people injured by speeding in the South East. These accounted for 10.7 per cent of all accidents in the UK in that period.

The South East has the highest number of injuries compared with any other region in the UK.

The risk of death is approximately four times higher when a person is hit at 40mph than at 30mph.

l Watch the video of the incident at www.theargus.co.uk.