MEET the Love Doctor who has been helping people find romance since he was 13.

Monti, whose real name is Neil-Monticelli Harley-Rüdd, runs a dating service called to help singletons find true love.

The Love Doctor, who lives in Brighton, said he has started playing cupid in high school.

The 52-year-old said: “I went to a boys’ school in the Midlands and my friends weren’t sure how to approach and talk to the girls from the local grammar school.

“I helped my friends write a few plays and poetry. I used to do some DJing and I invited my friends and the girls to my house where they could mix and mingle.

“My friends would ask me how to ask girls out and how to follow up on dates.”

The father of three has travelled across the globe teaching people about love.

He said: “I also work as a journalist and I’ve travelled to places in the Caribbean, North Ireland, France, Italy and Japan.

“I provided training in newspaper journalism and production. People overseas who have heard about my work approach me for advice on love.

“I’ve had people like politicians and hotel owners coming to me, basically it was people who didn’t have time to think about romance due to work commitments.”

With almost 40 years of experience in helping people find romance, the Love Doctor shared a few insights in relationships.

He said: “It’s not an easy job, but there have been numerous times people have thanked me for helping them find romance, and said how happy they are. It’s very rewarding.

“The hardest thing about the job is a lot of people expect love at first sight but it rarely happens.

“On first dates, it can be just lust or strong physical attraction. You get a clearer idea of the other person on second dates. A lot of people’s idea of love is being influenced by the media and fairytales.

“The other difficult part of the job is getting people to meet their dates. But it’s all worth it because I help people find happiness. Love is the most powerful emotion in our lives.”

The Love Doctor was married for 20 years and has been dating his current girlfriend for 20 months.

He also helps couples, gives advice on etiquette and make-over services. Monti said: “ was set up in 2015. It runs events such as the Russian Roulette single and mingle which takes place at the Hixon Green wine bar in Hove on October 11.

“I used to run dating service Singles Event in the UK and overseas. I’ve been helping people since I was 13 and I then started Singles Event ended in 2015 due to an accident in Greece.

"I broke my foot, ankle, leg and had five major injuries to my knee that required four operations. I was on crutches for 14 months, so stopped running events then as I struggled to walk. I only managed to walk properly again in February.”