A REPORT by the Bureau of Investigative Journalists has revealed the sad list of the homeless who are understood to have died in Brighton and Sussex since October 2017.

The most recognisable case was Andrew O’Connell, who was killed in Royal Pavilion Gardens in August this year, aged 54.

He was described as a “free spirit”, and his family were “utterly devastated” that he had been “cruelly taken from us”.

A vigil was held in his memory at Brighton Clock Tower, led by pastor Andrew Ramage, who had prayed at Mr O’Connell’s bedside at the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

Pastor Ramage said: “He was a lovely person, one of those people that were instantly likeable.

“You could just talk to him and he was funny.”

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A 32-year-old rough sleeper called Sergio Lemori is set to stand trial for murder in January next year, but he denies the charge.

There were five unknown homeless deaths reported at Kendal Court in Newhaven over the past year, and in December last year three unknown men aged 41, 56, and 52 died in Hastings.

The first reported death in the investigation by the bureau was an unknown 39-year-old in Brighton in October 2017.

Then on October 29 Robert Bartlett died aged 30 of a suspected overdose under an archway in Madeira Drive.

According to a friend, he was known to have mental health problems and was battling drug addiction.

Also in October, a 60-year-old man who had been on the streets died after being found permanent accommodation.

In November, a 43-year-old man died a day after being evicted from emergency accommodation in Brighton, and a 41-year-old man died in his room, with alcohol problems suspected.

A 34-year-old man also died in November of a blood poisoning condition called sepsis.

Then in December last year a 35-year-old man who had lived on the streets was reported dead.

In Bognor, Louise Bedingfield was reported dead, she had been sleeping near a shopping precinct.

Into January this year, two unknown men, aged 33 and in their 50s died of suspected drug overdoses.

The Argus reported on the sad death of William Morrow, who died of a heroin overdose in the toilets at The Level in April.

Mr Morrow was 45-year-old Scot had lived on the streets for 15 years, and had recently completed detox for his addiction, but sadly relapsed.

Arna Bud-Hussian, aged 49, died in a homeless hostel along with an unknown 45-year-old in the same month.

Tracey Patsalides was a popular figure among the homeless in Eastbourne, she was found dead on the seafront in a shelter by the beach along South Downs Way.

The 40-year-old mum was described as a “lovely lady” by those who knew her. Her family said she was “generous and loving”.

Police charged 38-year-old Wayne Marshall with murder, and he now faces trial. He denies the charge.

In July, a homeless man called CB died aged 36 in Brighton, while Andrew O’Connell died in August.