A SQUIRREL trapped in a shop for nearly 24 hours has been freed after being spotted in the window by passerby.

Now Clare Bryant, who owns the fabric and clothes shop called Flax, is urging concerned people to stop posting nuts though the letterbox.

She has reassured animal lovers that the squirrel, named Sid, was freed on Sunday.

The 35-year-old said: “Obviously Sid has a great sense of style, that’s why he chose our shop.

“People are still concerned and we have had nuts posted through our letterbox so I want to tell everyone that he has been freed.”

It is believed the cheeky squirrel entered the shop in Trafalgar Street, Brighton, on Saturday afternoon.

A worker found the rodent had run downstairs into the fabric storage room where it was near impossible to find him.

Clare, who has been running the shop for more than six years, said she was hoping the squirrel was not planning on hibernating in her fabrics.

He did not surface again until Sunday afternoon, almost 24 hours sincehe got in.

After his overnight stay in Brighton’s first squirrel friendly Airbnb, Sid began to sunbathe in the shop’s window which alerted passersby.

People took pictures of the trapped squirrel and left a note attached to the shop’s door.

Clare rushed there to free Sid after a friend sent her a picture of him.

She said: “I saw the photo and it looked pretty bad.

“I’m a big animal lover so I dropped everything I and belted it to get to the shop.

“I got there and I saw the small relaxed squirrel having a little sunbathe.”

Sid was then ushered out of the door, but not without leaving a parting gift in the form of a “rather large puddle” in the shop’s doorway, though Clare could not confirm it was him.

She said it appeared Sid had not caused any damage during his overnight stay.

But despite being freed on Sunday, some people still think the squirrel is trapped in the shop.

Clare is still receiving multiple messages from concerned animal lovers and getting nuts posted through the door.

She said: “It started off with just friends getting in contact me but the messages from people keep on coming.

“After this, I hope everyone will now know he is freed and will stop putting nuts through the door.”