A COUPLE rescued a lost ginger cat that was at risk of falling off a cliff face.

Anthony Bull, 30, said he was unloading his van when he saw the troubled moggy at the old Kemp Town Railway Tunnel in Stevenson Road.

He said the distressed cat was frantically trying to get back up and it was yowling repeatedly.

Mr Bull said: “It happened at about 2pm on Monday when my fiancee Serena and I were unloading our van. We run a mobile bar business, Betsy’s Bar.

“It took us about 45 minutes to coax her down. Serena had to rush to the nearest convenience store to buy a sachet of cat food.

“The cat was yowling a lot. She was in distress.

“The moggy looked lost. She was trying to get back up the steep cliff but didn’t remember how.

“Like a lot of cats, if they climb very high they don’t know how to find their way down and they get nervous.

“We felt we had to help otherwise she could have fallen off. The cliff is quite high, I’d say she was 30 or so metres above the ground.

“With some encouragement from us and of course the cat food, she came down.

“She came down the cliff very cautiously. Serena held her and we wanted to take her to the vet. However, the cat panicked, struggled free and bolted in the opposite direction.

“She escaped so quickly it was like she was bouncing off a springboard.

“We drove back to Stevenson Road at about 4.30pm to see if the cat was still there. We didn’t see her and we hope she has returned to her owner.

“She was really fluffy and she wears a pink collar and bell. She was more than a foot long.”

The couple have put up pictures of the cat in an attempt to contact the owner.

Anthony said: “So far no one has responded to our Facebook post.

“We hope the owner sees the post. She could have been lost and the owner is trying to look for her.

“We’ve had quite a lot of responses from people who said they will keep an eye out.

“The cat is pretty distinctive looking because she is fully ginger. We put the post on Brighton Cat People. We have four cats ourselves and this Facebook page is a very good place for people to post lost cats.”

Anthony and Serena started Betsy’s Bar in 2007 and deliver their services across Sussex.

Anthony added: “We’re very glad to have saved the cat.

“There was no food in our van that would lure the cat down. Obviously alcohol is not of much use for the cat.

“If anyone sees the cat please get in touch with us on Facebook.”