THE COUNTDOWN is over and The Grand hotel has unveiled its new facade to celebrate the end of the multi-million-pound project.

Andrew Mosley, general manager at The Grand said he was thrilled and looks forward to customers admiring the “refreshed look.”

He said: “There has been so much thought and care going in to this project. It has been an extraordinary journey and it’s wonderful to see this grand result.

“It’s great sharing this journey with customers who can now see it standing in its full glory.”

The 154-year-old building boasts 46 new windows, restored balconies and newly-decorated rooms.

The Brighton and Hove City Council heritage team helped advise the decorators to keep the hotel true to its historic style during its facelift.

Mr Mosley said: “We set ourselves little challenges along the way. I aim to have Brighton and Hove people say to themselves ‘maybe I will go home the other way so I can have a glimpse at The Grand’.”

With the scaffolding up and rooms blocked off for the last two years, decorators have used a budget of £400,000 to brush up some of the hotel’s finest suites.

Mr Mosley said: “We planned to do the front but we saw the opportunity to make internal changes.”

He said the refurbishment was the first moment of “love and care” the building has seen since the bomb went off during the Conservative Party conference in 1984.

He said he wants people from the city to visit the hotel more often and to learn about its history.

With Christmas lights wrapped around the bannisters, The Grand are beginning their elaborate Christmas decorations.

Mr Mosley said: “It’s early but we have started our festive decorations.”