Guy Lloyd’s Celebrity Bingo

Komedia, Brighton, Saturday, October 6

GUY Lloyd’s Celebrity Bingo at Komedia was a chaotic evening of hilarity, fabulousness (is that a word?) and most importantly, raising money for charity.

Hosted by the formidable Vince Venus with the numbers being read (sometimes sang) by Gogglebox’s Sandra, the night was a big hit, despite maybe one or two acts being slightly questionable.

I’ll be honest; I was dubious about the choice of “celebrity”.

As someone that doesn’t particularly watch reality shows, I thought it was a push deeming a Gogglebox star a celebrity but I was pleasantly surprised.

The energy Sandra gave, along with her crazy random antics (such as selling Christmas hats in the break), I couldn’t have picked a better person for the job.

If she doesn’t get her own show, or possibly a double act going with Vince Venus perhaps, then that would be an injustice.

Flamboyant as ever, Vince Venus carried the show through, and helped tame Sandra, or at least tried to.

With four outfit changes and heels bigger than my future, he certainly did give the show that glamour and pizazz that is often lacking in usual games of bingo.

In between the rounds of bingo, there was a selection of acts.

Starting off the show was the ever hilarious and talented Hannah Brackenbury singing about her favourite beverage and her least favourite metal pole.

There was also a shy magician doing creepy things with thread and reading peoples minds.

One of the highlights was Dave Bear with his male burlesque show.

Lots of leather, chains and skin. I even got to spray him with a water gun.

The final act was a very disappointing comedian who only got laughs when Sandra interrupted.

She would have got a better reception doing standup than he did.

Overall, the evening was a big hit and a lot of money was raised for the Sussex MS Treatment Centre and Brighton MS Society, and a lot of impressive prizes won ranging from spa treatments to artwork by Cassettelord.

The spectacular evening of music, comedy and cabaret was a real triumph for Guy Lloyd and hopefully next year he will manage to top it.

Jodie Allan