THE people of Brighton and Hove gave a message to the Greens at the last local elections in 2015 when they lost 12 council seats.

Since then, their membership and activity has been in decline.

As Adam Trimingham points out, they haven’t made any progress in recent years and continue to have one MP and one member of the House of Lords.

What Adam didn’t mention was that the one MP is at odds with their one House of Lords member about the issue of Brexit.

Their MP supports Remain while their peer and many of their members support Brexit.

The Green Party also supported the SNP in its ultra-nationalist campaign for a separate Scotland so they support breaking-up Britain.

In contrast, the Liberal Democrats support “devolution max” within the UK and have supported and promoted practical environmentalist policies for decades, both locally and nationally, long before the Greens led by David Icke came along.

Unfortunately, the Green Party has also been promoting some extreme green policies, some of which were counter-productive and have nasty consequences for ordinary people.

When the Greens had a majority on the city council between 2011- 2015 they imposed badly thoughtout ideas that had some serious consequences for the environment, the development of affordable homes and the safety of local people.

Under the Greens, the council recycling rate fell to below 25 per cent which was one of the lowest proportions amongst any local authority in the country.

Many people feel that the Greens had their chances – and they blew them all at our expense.

Rob Heale
Chatham Place, Brighton