A BOY with an extremely rare condition which is shared by only two other people across the world has made a film with an anti-bullying message.

Titled ‘It’s Alright to be Different’, 11-year-old Oscar Clitheroe made the video in response to people asking him why he is so short.

He has Ring chromosome 5, which stunts his growth and means that he is only 4ft 3in, which is well short of the average height for his age, which is 4ft 10in.

His mother, Donna Clitheroe, said: “Oscar was only eight weeks old when I realised he wasn’t growing as fast as he should be.

“As a mum your primary concern is keeping your baby alive, so my anxiety levels were through the roof.

“Despite being told by health visitors he was fine, I took him to hospital myself for tests.

“We were told that if more of his chromosome was missing, he would be disabled.

“But it’s just his growth that’s affected.”

Donna said that Oscar has always been a “confident” and “sociable” boy, who people love to be around.

But children have always asked him why he is so short, and why his voice is squeaky, so when he started at Hove Park School this year, he wanted to tell everyone about his life.

Oscar has shown his film to his new classmates at Hove Park School during Year 7, 8 and 9 assemblies, and the video has amassed thousands of views on Facebook.

Oscar said: “It’s amazing.

“It’s really good that it might help so many people.”

A host of celebrities and television stars who wanted to be involved sent him clips to be included in the video.

Lorraine Kelly, Stacey Solomon, Michael Mcintyre and Phillip Schofield are all featured in the film.

The showbiz personalities all agreed that Oscar is amazing and that everyone is unique, with Michael Mcintyre saying: “Every single person on this earth is unique.

“We’re all different, so of course it’s OK to be different.”

Ring chromosome 5 is so rare that there are only two other known diagnosed cases in the world, a young woman in Devon and a boy in Texas.

Oscar loves acting and is currently in the middle of filming a short film called Gang Buster.

Donna added: “We have always said to him that being small is really good for sports and hide and seek.

“He hasn’t been bullied because of his height, but he has always got comments and questions from other children. He used to deny he was any different, but now he gives answers and tells them he has a growth problem.”