Concorde 2, Brighton, Sunday, October 14

Fresh off the back of their self-titled debut album having only been released a month-and-a-half ago, Black Honey are back in their hometown for a city celebration.

The group have broken through the local music scene and onto the national platform, and have done so in a relatively short amount of time.

This hometown show will prove to be a party for not only those in attendance but the band themselves.

Years of hard work have built to their debut album hitting the shelves and Black Honey are now ready to ride that wave all the way to the top.

Check out their hard-hitting indie-pop and see for yourself.

Rose and Rosie

Komedia, Brighton, Monday, October 15

Like many stars nowadays, Rose and Rosie found their fame on YouTube.

The pair make funny sketches and parodies, as well as discuss more serious issues.

They are both members of the LGBT community and use their influence to educate and entertain the public.

This is a prominent topic of their Overshare book, which has now been made into a documentary.

This show will showcase the full-length documentary and be followed by a Q&A with the pair.

As implied, Overshare sees the couple discuss, explore and share secrets, advice and issues of all kinds. It will be a great watch.

Ruby Wax

Pavilion Theatre, Worthing, Tuesday, October 16

Back with another new tour, Ruby Wax knows exactly what it takes to get a British audience to laugh, I mean she has been doing it since the Eighties.

As well as her comedy and TV career, she has also been an avid mental health campaigner and has raised money for neuroscience research.

How to be Human is the show you need to help you upgrade your mind as much as you’ve upgraded your iPhone, and lord knows we’ve all done that enough.

If you’re struggling with how to be human, then this show has the answers.

Ruby is hilariously funny and always professional...mostly, so this will be a hoot.

Hal Cruttenden, Photo:Steve Ullathorne Hal Cruttenden, Photo:Steve Ullathorne

Hal Cruttenden

Komedia, Brighton, Wednesday, October 17

With his fantastically camp nature and his ability to create jokes with almost effortless ease, Hal Cruttenden is quickly becoming one of the funniest stand up comedians in the UK.

He also likes to make fun of his weight, with comments like the fact that he literally fills the screen when he appears on TV.

His daughters are the ones that have named his new tour, Chubster, and while it may seem a bit harsh Hal is happy to play on his slightly heavier set nature.

With a devoted following and a charm that will always earn him new followers, Hal has proved time and again why he is one of the funniest men in Britain.

Tom Baxter

Southern Pavilion, Worthing Pier, Friday, October 19

With a distinctive vocal style and some incredible musicianship, Tom Baxter has earned a strong following with his reputation of creating some fantastic songs.

In an extremely intimate show on Worthing Pier Baxter will showcase his deep and personal lyrics, that will seem even more incredible in the surroundings he is playing in.

He’s been one of the finest instrumentalists and singer-songwriters of the past decade and he shows no signs of slowing now.

With so many more great songs to write, take the chance to see Baxter in action as much as possible, especially if he continues playing venues like this.