A BUSINESS which started after a woman’s battle with postnatal depression marked World Mental Health Day in a special way.

Bare Biology launched a new product Mindful and hosted a free “walk and talk” event in Brighton.

Melanie Lawson from Brighton started taking Omega 3 to help her overcome the illness after the birth of her second child.

She was buying it from Canada when she saw an opportunity for the UK market.

Brighton-based Business Bare Biology is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year.

It has swiftly become the UK’s leading premium Omega 3 brand, doubling in size since it was launched in August 2013.

More than 50 people came together to celebrate the launch and the significance of the day regarding mental health issues.

Bare Biology has joined forces with Bryony Gordon’s Mental Health Mates initiative.

This encourages people to walk and share their worries and anxieties without the fear of judgement in a bid to promote open discussion and battle prejudice for mental health issues.

They organised a seafront walk followed by a series of talks which included personal mental wellbeing journeys recounted by Melanie Lawson and Olympian diver Leon Taylor.

Melanie said: “I am delighted to have organised this event to drive awareness for World Mental Health Day and celebrate the launch of our new product Mindful in collaboration with Mental Health Mates.

“It is only very recently that I started to talk about my obsessive-compulsive disorder and postnatal depression and how these conditions have impacted my life.

“I truly believe we need to keep talking and reaching out and the more we do so, the more awareness we can secure for mental health issues that affect so many.

Bare Biology is celebrating the launch of Mindful, an Omega 3 fish oil specifically formulated for brain health.

One pound from every pack of Mindful will be donated to Mental Health Mates initiative.

It is available online at www.barebiology.com

Melanie recalls how she started the business: “The idea for the business came about while I was suffering from postnatal depression after my second child and started taking Omega 3, which I bought from Canada.

“Fast forward another child and several years later and I was still supplementing with Omega 3, finding the benefits amazing for my mental health but also overall wellbeing.

“I was discussing with my husband what I should do for work and came up with the idea to launch an Omega 3 business.

“I had £40,000 and decided to just go for it and invest all my savings in this.

“On my first trip to Norway I was nearly laughed out of the country as I bought just one barrel of oil and had it shipped back to the UK.”

In January 2014, Melanie attended the Liberty of London Best of British Open Call, in which Bare Biology was quickly snapped up.

The company is in Tower Point on North Road, Brighton.