A THUG punched a woman in the face and knocked her unconscious at a party while high on alcohol and drugs.

Sebastian Landau had gone to Cissbury Avenue in Peacehaven for the party, but at 7am a row erupted outside.

The 26-year-old trainee electrician approached Lucy Stuart, who he did not know, and kicked her in the stomach.

He then tipped a table on her and punched her, before fleeing.

At Lewes Crown Court Landau admitted the assault, which left Ms Stuart with a black eye and broken nose.

He was given a suspended prison sentence in “exceptional” circumstances, because the judge said he was making progress at turning his troubled life around.

Richard Cherrill, prosecuting, said the incident in February 2017 got out of hand. Ms Stuart had to be taken to hospital after the attack.

Landau was subject to a community order from a previous offence, but had only completed eight hours out of the 270 hours of unpaid work he was supposed to do. A report by the probation service found he was making progress at getting off drugs and alcohol.

Landau, of South Road, Newhaven, addressed Judge Charles Kemp, who quizzed him on his “lamentable” effort to adhere to his community order made in 2017.

He said: “I want to say how deeply sorry I am that my life came to this point and the effect I had on the victim and her family. When intoxicated my judgment is impaired.”

Judge Charles Kemp said: “You have an unpleasant record and a number of offences against the person. At a party, for a reason I still, frankly, don’t understand, you completely lost control.

“Lucy Stuart was a complete stranger to you. She suffered serious injuries that were extremely painful and debilitating for a young girl who was only out to enjoy herself at a party.”

Landau was given a one-year sentence, suspended for two years, and ordered to complete 27 rehabilitation sessions.He will be under curfew from 10pm to 6am for four months, but will be allowed to train as an electrician and attend college.