A FAMILY have told of the moment their beloved dog was injured in a hit-and-run.

Bailey, a five-year-old Yorkshire terrier, was hit by a van on Sunday near a crossing on Brighton Road, Worthing, opposite Chipwick restaurant.

His owner Daniel Barszcz looked away from the road “for a split second” to press the crossing’s button.

The 23-year-old, who lives with his parents in Worthing, said: “The next thing I see was him struck by a van on the side of the sidewalk.

"He wasn’t moving at all so I checked to see if he was breathing or his heart was beating.”

A mystery Good Samaritan drove Bailey to the vet where he was X-rayed and found to have pressure on his spine.

Now a fundraising campaign has been launched to help the family afford a vital MRI scan to examine the extent of the damage as Bailey can no longer walk in a straight line.

The page can be found here.

Mr Barszcz said: “This MRI will help us find out how severe this injury is and whether or not he will need sugary.

"He’s my best friend and I cannot imagine life without him."