A CLOWN is feeling less than funny after losing his size 15 shoe.

Tommy Tickle was cycling from Elm Grove, Brighton, to the seafront on Sunday afternoon when he noticed his £120 size 15 shoe had fallen from his bag.

Now he is calling on people to help him find the comically sized blue and red boot.

Mr Tickle, who has been working as a children’s entertainer in the city for 14 years, said: “I had to turn up at a kids’ party with one clown shoe on – I looked a right idiot.

“I’m very fragile in this very sad time for me.

“These shoes cost a packet.”

The 47-year-old clown from Kingswood Street, Brighton, said he has had the outsized footwear for more than eight years but will now be performing in one shoe for the foreseeable future.

He said: “You do not want to keep anything from a clown – it’s bad ju ju.

“Also, you do not want to find a partially dressed clown outside your window at four in the morning.

“So do the right thing and if you see the clown shoe – hand it over to the clown.”

He is asking anyone who may have information about the missing item to get in contact with him on Facebook and Twitter at Clown On A Moped.

This is not the first time the clown has lost vital parts of his act while out in town.

Ten years ago he left a giant pink bag on the roadside with 50 whoopee cushions and an aluminium baseball bat inside.

He said: “I’ve always wondered what the person thought when they found that.”

TV viewers may recognise Tommy Tickle for his appearance in BBC Two’s 2008 documentary Clowns.

A 2016 craze where people would dress as evil clowns in bizarre places such as forests and schools terrified the public. Mr Tickle said this, along with the film IT, had damaged the clown industry.

l See the video of Mr Tickle’s plea for help to find his shoe at theargus.co.uk