THE city’s new recycling bins are to blame for rubbish piling up in the streets, according to two residents who are also concerned people could be injured.

The green bins have locked lids and firmer bristles than before, which have proved impractical for many.

Luke Chipman, who lives in Norfolk Road, Brighton, said: “The new recycling bins in Brighton are a disaster as far as I am concerned.

“They are locked and the bristles are far too powerful to easily put rubbish in.

“As a result, it creates overflows in the street as people, understandably, give up on attempting to use them.”

He also revealed that the bins could also be painful to use, especially for elderly and disabled people.

Mr Chipman added: “The bristles are too hard to penetrate without getting cut or scratched.

“Plus the lock on the top means I can’t put my rubbish inside it.”

The newly-designed bins have also caused concern for many over potential hygiene issues.

Resident Mary Thompson, said: “The bristles are so thick you can’t shove a piece of junk mail through without some serious exfoliation in the process.”

She added: “They make it virtually impossible for items to be put through.

“Cans, paper and cardboard get stuck and old food that others haven’t washed off their recycling gets up your hands and arms as you have to shove the bits all the way through the bristles to make sure it gets inside the bin.”

They agreed on the action they wanted the council to take.

Ms Thompson said: “Take the locks off the bins like the others across Brighton, or, if not, at least get rid of the bristles because you can get quite badly scratched.”

Mr Chipman added: “I’d like the locks removed from the bins.

“Because they are so impractical rubbish is currently piling up in the streets, which is a health hazard.”

A council spokesman said: “The recycling bins are for a trial period.

That trial period finishes at the end of this month.

“The trial was started to see if different coloured bins and updated signage helped increase recycling rates.

“We have carried out consultation with local residents who have given us feedback, including the bins being locked and bristles being hard.

“We will be taking these comments plus other feedback we have received regarding the bins into consideration when the trial is finished and we have full evidence of whether recycling rates have been increased or not.”