MASSIVE new office space is available in Haywards Heath.

The Commercial Park Group has planning permission to redevelop 21-23 Perrymount Road.

It will provide 65,000 sq ft of new offices.

It represents phase one of the group’s wider ambitions to create a new 400,000 sq ft business hub called Haywards Park.

This will be achieved through the regeneration of several buildings along the western edge of Perrymount Road.

Further planning applications for new developments will be made.

Haywards Park is one of three new modern business hubs being developed by The Commercial Park Group.

The other two are Gatwick Park and Bromley Park.

Spokesman John Baker said: “Haywards Heath has a great deal to offer major companies.

“Haywards Park gives workers the chance to enjoy a more flexible, relaxed lifestyle, which can be the key to productivity and happiness at home and at work.

“Haywards Park will significantly raise the quality of the office accommodation in the area, for the first time providing the kind of green, technologically advanced workplaces that progressive companies are looking for to inspire their employees.

Permission has been granted for the first two phases of Gatwick Park.

The Commercial Park Group’s portfolio has been master planned by Urban Infill Architects, led by Ian Dollamore.

Ian said: “Across our portfolio, we’re focussed on designing schemes that prioritise employee wellbeing. Part of that is simply about location: targeting strong regional markets like Haywards Heath.”