WITH Halloween just around the corner, research suggests that Brighton may be the perfect place for a spooky pint or two.

Researchers have discovered that our city is the second highest when it comes to the number of haunted pubs.

Brighton boasts a whopping 42, behind only London which has a mammoth 117 haunting watering holes.

If you fancy a haunted drink in a creepy drinking establishment, here are the top five most haunted pubs in Brighton:

Marlborough Pub and Theatre

The Marlborough stood out to be one of the scariest drinking places in Britain.

In Victorian times, the landlord is said to have pushed his wife down the stairs and carried her into the cellar of the pub, where she passed away following her injuries.

Bar manager Tarik Elmoutawakil said: “I think it’s a positive thing because it’s a place people feel comfortable in and be able to talk about things they don’t understand.

“The Marlborough is all about not making judgement and I feel like that extends to spirits. I think we’re a very ghost friendly pub.”

The Pump House

A fireplace in the pub bears the name of the former landlady Miss Elliott, who bought the house in the 18th century.

It is said that she still haunts the premises; many claim they have seen a woman wearing a white dress, who disappears the moment she is addressed.

The Black Lion

The Black Lion was founded by Deryck Carver, a Flemish immigrant of Protestant belief, who was one of the first people to be executed under Mary I; it is said he was burnt in a barrel at the stakes.

After the pub was rebuilt in the 70s, pub staff claimed they had seen beer crates moving when they were alone in the cellar.

It is said that Deryck still haunts the pub’s cellar.

The Cricketers

Back in the 16th century, Robert Donston Stephenson, who was suspected to be Jack the Ripper, lived in The Cricketers.

It is said that he still appears to women upstairs, with many feeling watched or seeing two starring eyes.

The Druids Head

According to legend, there was a stone circle found on the ground the pub was built on; there is also a smuggling tunnel leading from the cellar to the sea, said to be home to a number of ghouls.

Did your favourite pub make the list?

Some other haunted pubs:

• Black Lion at Brighton

• Ali Cats at Brighton

• Bow Street Runner at Hove

• Brighton Rocks at Brighton.