FROM a bus driver who always gets lost to a Stonehenge hippie circle - here are the stories behind the most talked about signs in the city.

The Big Lemon company in Whitehawk has been serving the community with an eco friendly bus service since 2007.

But they have now become known for something else with their quirky bus signs catching our attention.

Nearly all the bus drivers have their own personalised sign to give residents an insight into the driver’s life.

Their rail replacement bus service, which had the board ‘Choo Choo I’m a Train’ sign on it was a big hit on the internet.

The Big Lemon CEO Tom Druitt, in France looking after his cat, hence the sign, right, said: “Obviously we’ve got an important job to do.

“The main aim is to have a nice day, enjoy the job, and and give the passengers a good time.”

The signs are designed by 18-year-old bus enthusiast Finn Whelan,who said “a bus driver is not just someone who gets you from A-B, they’re people with their own passions, hobbies, and stories.

“And that’ is why wanted to do something quirky and different.”

Here are some of The Argus’s favourites.

The drivers were a little shy about having their full names and pictures included though, perhaps for obvious reasons:

Wreck it Debs

This driver managed to break two buses and a ticket machine in one day.

Within the last week, she has managed to break her phone and a pump at a petrol station.

Ring my bell

Metal bells have been installed on the corner of Eastern Road and Arundel Road , Brighton, to stop people from going over the curb.

This driver managed to hit one of the metal bells within his first month of working.

Feel the love

Two years ago the driver was on a private hire job, taking a group of people to Stone Henge for the Summer Solstice.

As it was an overnight job, he was hoping to get some sleep, but the passengers made him join them in a singing circle which asked people to feel the love.

Help, I’m lost

This driver struggled to get to grips with the city’s roads and would often find herself off course.

In one incident, she managed to mistake North Street with London Road, to much confusion at the office.

Mark Bennett, bus service manager, said she now knows her routes inside and out but “prays there’s no diversions”.

The company is planning to organise a stamp collecting activity for next year. Each bus driver will have a stamp of their personalised sign and it is up to children, parents, bus enthusiasts, and collectors, to get a stamp from every driver. Prizes will be given to those who collect them all.