A COUPLE who are fascinated with all things gothic ditched the traditional white wedding to tie the knot on Halloween.

Sonny Phillips and his bride Terri Newrick, who met online three years ago, are both interested in scary movies, gaming and gothic fashion.

So when they decided to marry, October 31 seemed an obvious date.

The couple wed at Brighton Register office yesterday dressed all in black – just like their guests.

They did their own make-up, made their own flower bouquets and bought their costumes online – all for under £2,000.

Terri, 33, a special effects make-up artist, said she was pleased to forego a white dress. She wore a black corset dress and a pair of horns as a headpiece and the pari arrived in a hearse.

She said: “If you love someone you shouldn’t be obsessed with how grand you can make the wedding ceremony.

“We did something that we like so there was no stress.

“To me, it’s about being with the right person.”

After the ceremony the newlyweds, who live in Kensington Place, Brighton, had a party at The Pipeline pub in Little East Street.

Sonny, 32, a sales representative, said: “We’re pagans, we love gothic clothes so we decided to wear black.

“We wanted to do something different, there were no speeches at the reception because what’s important to us is celebrating our love.

“Our friends were so excited we were having a fancy dress party.

“Terri did all the make-up for the children. We bought the girls’ dresses and the boys’ suits from online shops like Wish and Dirty Harry. Our confetti was made from dead leaves which we went out to pick up on Monday.”

The couple have five children between them, Cody, 14, Brian, ten, Meghan, seven, Ezmay, five, and their son Fenris, one, who attended in his black pushchair.

The youngsters were thrilled about the Halloween wedding and look forward to celebrating the anniversary every year with a party.

Sonny said: “A lot of people want their weddings to be like a fairytale one but we don’t believe in it.

“Some couples spend so much money and they get all wrapped up in making the ‘perfect’ wedding.

“It’s also not very practical to have an expensive wedding.

“For us, the most important thing is we are with the right person.

“The guests had a lovely time and the children loved dressing up.”