PEOPLE who complain about noisy late-night parties will soon have to wait until the next day before anyone deals with the problem.

Brighton and Hove City Council’s late-night noise patrols are set to end in December, meaning more sleepless nights for those kept awake by antisocial neighbours.

Resident Leila Jenkins, of The Avenue, Moulsecoomb, was kept up over the weekend by two nights of noisy partying.

She said: “We phoned [the council] on both Friday night and Saturday night and they refused to come out

both nights.

“They told us to complain to our local councillors if we didn’t like it as they voted to cut the service.

“I’ve always found noise patrol very effective. They [students] do tend to listen when it’s an ‘official’ attending.

“And it’s much better than leaving your kids asleep in the house while you go back and forth trying to get them to turn it down.

“I’ve got my husband here but some people are bound to be single parents. How do they deal with it?

“And our students don’t answer the door anyway.”

The council said demand for the late-night noise patrol service had reduced.

Under the new system, six field officers will work across the city, dealing with issues from noise and housing matters to community safety.

They will work from noon to 8pm every day.

The council said: “We have found there are more cases where we’ve been unable to take action to stop the noise due to the behaviour of the perpetrator, meaning that neighbours’ expectations are raised and then not met.

“Under the new service, we will be visiting victims of noise nuisance and the perpetrators the following day, when officers are able to deal with the issues in a calm and safe manner.”

The environmental protection team will still work out of hours and use digital noise recording equipment to gather evidence to serve noise abatement notices.

Anyone experiencing noise nuisance can call the environmental protection team on 01273 294266.