1. Park up in the lay-by next to the Walderton village sign and then walk back out to the main road and turn right. Walk along the narrow pavement until the road curves around to the right and a smaller road peels off to the left. Turn down this quieter road walking past the houses and continue straight ahead following the twists and turns of the lane through the woodland.

This road is extremely quiet with only the odd car, cyclist or horse going past. Continue walking for approximately one mile until you reach a metal gate.

2. At the gate keep straight ahead ignoring any turnings off either side. Follow the bridleway for just over half a mile until you reach a quiet road lined with chestnut trees and tree stumps, bear left here.

Just beyond the black iron gates to Stansted House take the left-hand footpath signed to the house, chapel and tearoom. You get a very clear view of the mansion and grounds from this path. The house looks very old but was in fact built in 1903 as a replica of the previous old house which was destroyed by a fire.

At the end of the path follow the bridleway round to the right onto the road.

If you fancy a spot of lunch then turn immediately left here walking past the chapel and to the far corner of the small car park where you can enter Stansted House grounds and Pavilion Tea Room.

3. To continue the walk, follow the road for a short distance then take the signed footpath to the left which skirts the garden centre and tea room. Turn left by a zebra crossing and head into the woods where you will very quickly come to a metal kissing gate, turn left through this. Cross the field and as you near the far end you will see your first glimpse of Racton Ruins looming up on the horizon.

Pass through the gate and walk down the short path to another kissing gate, then turn left. Almost immediately you will see a four-way signpost by a stile, follow the restricted byway straight ahead keeping the farm and fields to your right.

4. Continue along this track walking through the woodland for a mile and a half. Just past the one mile point you will arrive at the ruins of the Racton monument. This large folly was built by Lord Halifax in the eighteenth century. Over the years there have been spooky stories of ghostly apparitions and even bricks being thrown down from the top of the tower.

Now there are signs prohibiting anyone from entering the unstable structure and plans afoot to redevelop the listed building.

Keep walking past the ruined monument until you arrive at a main road.

5. Turn left here, walking along the edge of the road, until you come to a stile on your left-hand side. Cross this and head into the field, then walk diagonally across it towards the house in the corner. Go through the gate then cross the drive and follow the footpath to the left of the stream. The large house to your left is Lordington House, an impressive old manor house built around 1500 which is now a B&B.

Climb the stile and head across the next field, then go through the gate and continue ahead. At the far end of this field, about halfway up, cross the stile and walk towards the houses opposite. Once back on the road turn right and follow it round to the right where you will arrive at the start/end point of the walk.