COMEDIAN Simon Evans did what a lot of people enjoy doing on a weekend at this time of year...he went ice skating.

As many do, after donning his skates, he left his coat nearby but sadly what should have been an enjoyable experience was subsequently ruined.

After finishing his session, Simon discovered his coat had been taken and with it the keys to his beloved Mercedes S350 which he had parked a considerable distance away.

As he feared, the car had been taken and not a trace has been seen of it since.

But, what makes it even more worrying is the prospect that someone, possibly with an accomplice, had seen Simon park and then followed him to the ice rink in the hope of getting the opportunity to get their hands on the keys to the car.

At this time of the year, with Christmas approaching, we like to place our faith in the kindness of human nature.

It is supposed to be the season of giving, not stealing, but sadly the latter is becoming increasingly prevalent.

Also, this is the time of the year when many people buy expensive Christmas presents which they then leave in their cars while continuing to shop.

That is manna from heaven for thieves. Equally, leaving presents under the tree in the lead up to Christmas was a lovely tradition which many have abandoned due to proliferation of break-ins at this time of the year after lavishly wrapped gifts have been spotted from outside.

To ensure you enjoy Christmas it is vital to keep your belongings secure at all times, be it gifts, clothes, wallets and car keys.