A POLICE chief says she will lobby for more money for cash-strapped police forces after angry residents raised their concerns.

Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne held a public meeting in East Grinstead.

She said residents were pleased that 200 more officers will be joining the force, they wanted her to go further.

Earlier this year a rise in the council tax precept meant the force could recruit new officers, and avoid having to make cuts.

But communities still want to see more bobbies on the beat.

At the meeting, issues such as tackling anti-social behaviour, crime hotspots in the town, and the public's "lack of confidence" in the 101 non-emergency number, were all discussed.

She said there was a general feeling of wanting to see more police officers and for them to have a closer connection with their local policing team.

Mrs Bourne said residents are the ones who know their area and understand the issues they face.

She said: “Although residents are pleased to hear that they will see 200 extra officers over the next four years, they are already indicating that they would like even more.

“I am lobbying the government hard for more resources and a positive change in the funding structure for policing.”