CASH-STRAPPED former glamour model Katie Price has been dealt another blow as one of her businesses faces closure.

Ms Price, 40, started fashion brand KP Boutique Ltd in 2016 but quit her position as a director in July.

The Companies House website says the current director has given up on the business and applied for it to be struck off the register.

The website states: “This company has applied to be struck off and dissolved.

“The registrar will proceed unless there is reasonable cause not to and on dissolution any assets remaining in the company will be passed to the Crown.”

Another document reported the company only had £13 at the end of November 2017.

Mother-of-five Price has been battling to stave off bankruptcy in recent months and she also spent time in rehab.

She delayed a meeting with tax officials for the second time last week. She is scheduled to meet them on December 4.

The troubled TV personality is also preparing to sell her £2 million home near Horsham where she lives with her children Harvey, Junior, Princess, Jett and Bunny.

Ms Price was seen clearing out her belongings and tidying the property.

She was throwing out old garden furniture, tearing out several units in her kitchen and clearing out children’s sports equipment and toys.

She was told the house needed a £150,000 makeover before it can go on the market.

Ms Price has recently announced the return of her reality TV show My Crazy Life, which will air from November 12.

She wrote on her Instagram account saying she was trying her best to improve her situation.

She wrote: “Things have really hit rock bottom since the last series of My Crazy Life a few months ago. But the only way is up. It’s time to get my life back on track and be the best mum in the world for my kids.

“I’m excited to get back to doing what I love and to tell my side of the story.

“One of the risks of being silent is that people fill your silence with their interpretation.

“I have my own story. I am not perfect. I am healing. I am learning every day. I am a real person. I have feelings.

“I am doing the best I can do. I am being the best person and mother I can be.

“I have taken the time I needed to understand myself. This is now my time. I am back.”