A TERRIFIED terrier was so frightened by fireworks she fled into woods to hide.

Rebecca Bradshaw, who lives in Cuckmere Way in Hollingbury, Brighton, lost Yorkshire terrier Hollie on Monday night.

The tiny dog was petrified by a loud firework.

Rebecca, 29, a health care assistant at the city’s Royal Sussex County Hospital, said: “I was on a night shift and my boyfriend phoned me to say he had let Hollie out into the back garden to use the toilet.

“There was a massive bang and she ran, but he couldn’t see which way she ran because it was dark, so he called her name for around half an hour around our house and street.”

Hollie was one of several dogs reported missing in the Patcham area as a result of fireworks in the week around Bonfire Night.

Hollie was later found safe but was left shaken by the experience.

Rebecca said: “My boyfriend went and walked the streets to look for her but it was well over an hour before he found her in the woods hiding up by Woodbourne garage.”

Rebecca urged people to be more aware of the potentially shocking and harmful effect fireworks can have on animals.

She said: “Hollie is a very shy dog and has a heart problem and she was very anxious all night.

“I have had dogs in the past who have been so scared of fireworks that we have actually been to the vets for medication around this time of year.”

A national petition to ban the sale of fireworks to the public and only allow displays at licensed venues had received more than 221,000 signatures on Wednesday.

As a result, it is currently waiting for a Government response and Parliament will consider the issue for debate.

Rebecca said: “I think fireworks have a horrible effect on animals and wildlife.

“They must wonder what is going on for the week of November 5.

“To reduce the stress in the future I think the public should not be allowed to buy fireworks.

“They are explosives and dangerous, controlled events would be better as they are for set times and don’t go on all weekend.”