A WELL-KNOWN television doctor will be airing his new show with an episode focussed on Brighton tonight.

Doctor Christian Jessen is best known for the Channel 4 series Embarrassing Bodies in which he helps people overcome their physical insecurities.

Now he is back with a new show on the W channel, called Dr Christian: 12 Hours To Cure Your Street.

Tonight Dr Christian takes to the streets of Brighton to help people with their medical questions.

Dr Christian and his co-presenter Dr Sara Kayat park their medical bus in The Level amid hordes of skaters and BMX bikers.

Christian’s medical knowledge is quickly put to the test in a student house where Gisella is suffering from a compulsive burping problem.

After offering medical advice Christian also has a word or two to say about the state of the student kitchen, which is well worth the watch for tips for any other students.

Sara sees Stephen, a dog walker whose restless leg syndrome is making his life a misery.

She offers a sympathetic ear and some advice on dietary techniques and pain control.

The doctors also encounter a butcher who need advice on lifting techniques, a young man with sea urchin spikes in his foot and eventually Christian braves the bike ramp to try to encourage the bikers to wear helmets to protect themselves from head injuries.

The show follows two successful series of Dr Christian Will See You Now – only this time he is packing up his medical bag, leaving the

comfort of his clinic and heading out to the streets of Britain.

Adam Collings, channel director for W, said: “Dr Christian is the nation’s favourite doctor so who better to find out the real state of the nation when it comes to the relationship between Brits and their family GPs?

“With doctors rarely able to offer home visits to patients, this series will bring professional healthcare to the UK’s doorstep.”

The episode of Dr Christian: 12 Hours to Cure Your Street that took place in Brighton will air tonight on W at 8pm.