AS the nights draw in we all need to take more care, especially on our roads.

Speed limits are there for a reason and ignoring them is potentially fatal.

Of course it can be frustrating in 20mph zones and indeed they have been introduced across vast swathes of the city.

However, safety for pedestrians and cyclists is paramount and the fact of the matter is they work.

A child hit by a vehicle travelling at more than 30mph is either going to be seriously injured or killed.

That is why measures to put restrictions in place are introduced and ignoring them is tantamount to a criminal act.

With the festive season now almost upon us, the chances of accidents increases.

Nothing could possibly be worse than losing a loved one at this time of year and, more often than not, accidents can be avoided.

Cars are a wonderful convenience but they are also a deadly weapon in the wrong hands.

Pedestrians also need to take extra care, especially as we are also rapidly approaching “party season”.

Weaving across a dark road in the early hours after “a few too many” is a recipe for disaster.

Many years ago there was a popular American police drama entitled Hill Street Blues.

One of the main characters, Sargeant Phil Esterhaus had a famous catchphrase after addressing the officers who were going out on patrol.

That phrase was “Let’s be careful out there.”

It still rings true today.

Therefore, let’s all be careful out there, observe speed limits and don’t drink and drive.