1. The George Hotel, Hailsham, 77% good reviews

“I visited this pub for breakfast and the food was amazing.

"Good value for money and the server who took my order was brilliant, full of energy, constantly smiling and really friendly.

"I would recommend this pub to anyone.”

2. The London and County, Eastbourne, 67% good reviews

“I visited here for a quick bite to eat today. It’s a lovely, clean place with polite staff who are very efficient.

"I ordered a skinny chicken burger and a glass of Diet Coke with really thick chicken breast, great fresh salad and refreshing glass of Coke.

"Plenty of fresh cut chips too, all for £9.80.”

3. Post and Telegraph, Brighton, 66% good reviews

“I organise a monthly lunch club with three friends and we always start here for a few beers.

"Sometimes we eat here as well. Try the Wiltshire Ham with fried eggs and chips, it’s delicious.

"On my recent visit I bought a round of one pint of Abbott Ale and two pints of Doombar for £7.47, terrific value.

"The bar is always busy but I have never had a problem with service. If you fancy a beer while visiting Brighton this venue is an excellent choice.”

4. Cornfield Garage, Eastbourne, 59% good reviews

(The Cornfield Garage, Eastbourne, was equal with The West Quay in Brighton, but secured fourth place with 24 per cent of excellent reviews, compared to The West Quay’s 17.)

“A clean and modern pub that looks brand new. The drinks were good and the food looked amazing, I could have stayed in there for hours.

"It could be the best Wetherspoons I’ve ever been in.”

5. The West Quay, Brighton, 59% good reviews

“It looks like a converted quayside warehouse with nice antique touches inside.

"Cheerful staff, if you choose to be cheerful yourself, and the special bonus is that other customers are a completely unpretentious cross-section of Brighton and Marina life.

"My wife was particularly impressed by a fanciable RNLI crew coming off duty from their control centre nearby, how nautical do you want things?”

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6. The George Inn, Surrey Street, Littlehampton, 58% good reviews

(The George Inn in Littlehampton had 24 per cent of excellent views while seventh placed The Three Fishes, Worthing, had 21.)

“I was really surprised. I have to say when my friends suggested Spoons I initially thought “oh God no”.

“I half heartedly chose the gourmet chicken burger and it was absolutely lovely, I was amazed.

"I was expecting microwave stuff, but I was pleasantly surprised and it was a really good cheap meal.

"That and two drinks under a tenner, you can’t go wrong.”

7. The Three Fishes, Chapel Road, Worthing, 58% good reviews

“Excellent service, great atmosphere, but you can’t pluralise fish.

"One fish, two fish, three fishes? Ironically, the fish wasn’t bad, they don’t know how to spell it but they do know how to cook it.”

8. The Six Gold Martlets, Church Walk, Burgess Hill, 57% good reviews

“I had the misfortune of visiting with friends and wished I hadn’t. Service was slow and the food lukewarm.

"The decor was worn inside, needed some TLC and was sticky everywhere. Could do better.”

9. The Cliftonville Inn, George Street, Hove, 54% good reviews

“Went in on an early Wednesday morning for breakfast and the place had a certain aroma that told me that it needed a good airing, ordered breakfast to be told they had no sausages. No sausages with a cooked breakfast is just wrong.”

10. The Bright Helm, West Street, Brighton, 50% good reviews

“I know Wetherspoons food is cheap and cheerful but the food here is dire. They must have rubber chickens laying rubber eggs. Overcooked to say the least.”

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11. The Lynd Cross, Springfield Road, Horsham, 43% good reviews

“We were seated, chose from the menu, ordered at the bar and one of the staff came to our table to informed us that half of our order had run out.

"So, we reordered a few minutes later and he returned to tell us that they didn’t have that either, so we reordered again.

“A few more minutes passed and a different member of staff came to tell us that it was not possible so we reordered again. The food turned up, but we had been there for one-and-a-half hours at this point.”

“The food was not good, some was cold and not very good quality. We were offered free coffee and desserts but we just wanted to leave by that time. Not happy, not going back and will not be recommending to anyone ever.”