EVERY week The Argus staff are on the hunt for the best lookalikes in Brighton and beyond.

We are welcoming nominations for the best in Sussex. They can look like any celebrity, whether it is from the world of television, music, sport or something else.

If you have family or friends who are the spitting image of someone famous please send us a photo along with one of the celebrity you think they look like and we will feature the best every Friday.

This week we have two excellent submissions from the public.

Above you will see 23-year-old Laura Hunter, who lives in Eastbourne.

The entry was sent in by her mum Denise who says she is a dead ringer for Angelina Jolie.

We also have Michael Goodier, 25, from Brighton, who is convinced he is the splitting image of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Has he made a Titanic sized error in his assumption?

Do you or anyone you know have a famous lookalike?

Please send your photo submissions to jamie.walker@theargus.co.uk with

the subject “Lookalikes”.