A TAXI driver blocked off a major bus route when he locked himself out of his vehicle today.

Kirolus Hana had left his car running while he collected a customer in Saint James’s Street, Brighton, but came back to find it had locked itself.

The 33-year-old said: “I had a pick up outside Morrisons so I left the key in the car and left it running.

“It’s not something I meant to happen. I’ve done it so many times but this time it had locked itself, so I have called my wife as she has a spare key at home and lives nearby.”

The car was parked across the street so other vehicles could not pass and brought the road to a standstill for 30 minutes.

Bus driver Lugano Mwanksuye, who was stuck behind the vehicle, said: “I was meant to leave here at 1.15, but it’s now 1.40.

“I radioed in to my office as soon as I knew and now all the other buses on this route are now travelling along the seafront instead.”

A queue of vehicles formed behind the stranded taxi including several buses and many travellers were delayed in their journeys.

One bus user said: “I need to get to the hospital and I was going to take the bus but I guess I’ll just have to walk now.”

Another said: “I would walk but I have a heart condition so I really rely on the buses.”

The vehicle was cleared at 1.42pm and traffic began to move again as normal.