A WAREHOUSE worker stabbed a man to death while out on his morning jog.

Vladimir Ivanov carried out the unprovoked attack on 61-year-old Glyn Rouse near Cherry Lane in Crawley.

He was found covered in blood, and when interviewed he told police “something in my mind told me to do this”.

Mr Rouse suffered wounds to his neck, head, chest and arm, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

After psychiatric tests, Ivanov was found to be suffering from mental illness, so he has admitted manslaughter by diminished responsibility.

The 23-year-old Bulgarian, of Juniper Road in Crawley, told police he took a knife from his home and placed it in his jacket pocket as he went jogging in November last year.

There were a number of people in the area around him, but without any interaction, he attacked Mr Rouse and killed him.

Detective Chief Inspector Mike Ashcroft said: “Mr Rouse had been out walking and minding his own business that morning when he was subjected to an unbelievable, highly unusual, unprovoked attack.

"His motive for killing an innocent man who was unknown to him appears to be borne from his mental state." The detective offered sympathy to Mr Rouse's family. Ivanov will be sentenced in February.