THE UK’s first “cannabis infused restaurant” is preparing to open.

The Canna Kitchen in Duke Street, Brighton, will welcome its first customers on December 1.

The restaurant will specialise in vegetarian and vegan food, most of which will be infused with cannabis, which it says has health benefits.

The key ingredient will be the cannabis compound cannabidiol. Common versions of it are known as CBD, CBG and CBN.

The substance is legal in the UK and is non-psychoactive. It is commonly used for medicinal purposes.

The Canna Kitchen wants to “change the way people view cannabis”.

Sam Evolution, director of The Canna Kitchen, said: “The numerous beneficial properties of the cannabis plant have always inspired me.

“It is one of the most versatile crops in nature, with potential applications in almost every area of our modern life.

“It also happens to be the most nutritionally complete human food source on the planet, with a host of therapeutic benefits.

“We are seeking to change misconceptions around this plant by introducing it to people in a form they may not have encountered before.”

The restaurant will be using seasonal British ingredients “inspired by world flavours and infused with the healing properties of cannabinoids”.

The dishes will include zaa’tar roast cauliflower, hemp heart tabbouleh, smoked aubergine and sesame cavolo nero.

The woman behind the culinary creations is head chef Charlotte Kjaer.

She said: “I enjoy cooking with the seasons and in harmony with nature, a diet rich in seasonal plant based food is not only nutritious for the body, but also beneficial for the planet.

“I aim to create honest, balanced and vibrant food.”

The restaurant said it will be using more than just the oil, adding the herb itself.

They added that there are a variety of different flavours depending on what bud is being used, with each plant has a different flavour.

In addition to the restaurant The Canna Kitchen will be operating a CBD Café and dispensary upstairs with infused cakes, drinks and beverages.

It will also sell an array of organic cannabis-based products through the Hemp Earth Dispensary, ranging from CBD oil and edibles to hemp flower and cosmetics.

The Canna Kitchen says it wants to provide “the next evolution in plant-based dining”.

The Canna Kitchen will hold a launch event on November 29 before its official opening on December 1.