THE i360 is looking to attract more business across the world.

The Brighton seafront attraction has launched a new awareness project with a Spanish start-up company.

The aim is to strengthen the i360’s position as an international tourism landmark.

This is being done by a new video app in partnership with Youshow, a Google Campus social media technology start-up.

Its new technology transforms smartphone filming and sharing into user-generated advertising.

This helps businesses boost their real-time global reach and boost their social media footprint.

Lena Koskela, head of sales and marketing at the i360, said: “We felt a video app would be a perfect addition to the British Airways i360 experience, allowing visitors to capture our beautiful 360-degree views of the South Coast and instantly share unforgettable moments with loved ones all across the world.

“We’re looking forward to seeing our visitors’ creations and to handing out some prizes for the top shares.

“We are experimenting with the latest technology to increase video engagement.

“The unifying concept of the campaign, which launched in early November, is to ‘say #hi360 at 450ft’.

“The advertising will automatically embed into the videos when they’re shared, a feature which makes brand communication invisible to ad blockers.”

Federico Eines, Youshow founder and chief executive, said: “The happy and amazed faces of the British Airways i360 visitors speak by themselves about the power of the Brighton attraction.

“Our technology allows them to convey their experiences to the world in a unique and brand-driven way and we are very pleased with this project.

“It is an amazing opportunity to share our pioneering vision of leveraging the wonders of life as real-time social media advertising.

“User generated videos generate up to seven times more engagement and organic reach than traditional advertising.

“This comes across to viewers as what they really are – personal videos shared by friends or family.”

Meanwhile, a Worthing company has signed a contract to supply the i360 gift shop.

The Great British Porridge Co has only existed since January.

It produces 100 per cent natural, no added sugar, vegan, gluten and dairy free instant porridges.

In just ten months, it has built a strong following with products sold in three countries and a host of independent retailers across the UK including Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Wholefoods.

Founder Jacqueline Barleycorn said: “This new deal with British Airway’s i360 will enable the brand to reach new customers and promote the delicious products to tourists and visitors to the area.

“We feel very privileged to have been asked to supply the i360.

“It is such a fantastic local attraction that has increased visitors to Brighton.

“It’s wonderful to give its visitors the opportunity to purchase our products which are not only locally produced but also high quality and with 100 per cent natural ingredients.”

Fore more details, email or call 07928 108184.