LAUGHING teenagers filmed as a girl was repeatedly punched and posted the video to social media.

The Snapchat video, believed to have been filmed near Peacehaven Community School about 5pm last Friday, features one girl punching another more than 20 times in front of a laughing crowd.

Snapchat is a social media platform where people can share videos and pictures with others online.

The mother of the girl being punched said her daughter has been subjected to bullying before.

She said: "It has been going on for months with people sending messages and sending threats.

"She was alone when this happened - this needs to be investigated."

The person who originally posted the video put laughing faces over the shocking video before sharing on the internet.

Cathryn Green, who shared the video on a Facebook community group, said: "I make no apology for sharing this video - it has already been shared on several social media sites by the mindless individuals who stood by filming it and laughing.

"Just ask yourself - how would you feel if this was your child?"

Theresa Youngman runs a group called Peaceheven Community United Against Bullying who have started a petition urging the school to take action. 

She said: "This petition is calling for immediate action and emergency safeguarding protection put in place for the girls who are terrified."

The petition current has 120 signatures. 

A Spokesperson for Sussex Police said: "Sussex Police received a report of an assault on a 15-year-old schoolgirl alleged to occurred in the town between 5 and 5.30pm on Friday November 9. 

"The girls involved have been identified and the matter is being investigated."