A KILLER who denied murdering his ex girlfriend was given away by his body language - experts have said.

Michael Lane slit the throat of his former girlfriend, 19-year-old Shana Grice before setting fire to her house in Chrisdory Road, Portslade.

Lane, 28, of Thornhill Rise claimed he discovered Shana’s dead body at her home but denied killing her.

He was found guilty by a jury last March and is currently serving a minimum of 25 years in prison.

But now, body language experts who have been analysing police interviews, say he unwittingly gave away his lies while he was questioned by Sussex Police.

Cliff Lansley tells documentary Faking It: Tears of a Crime that Lane did not seem to be a grieving ex, and looked more like a sulking child.

Looking at the interview footage, Mr Lansley said: “He is faking sadness.

“The facial expression is characterised by the brows being slightly down and the chin is forced up into a pout, almost like a sulking child.

“Sadness doesn’t look like that.

“Sadness is eyebrows up and the corners of the mouth down.”

It is also claimed in the documentary, which aired Friday night, that Lane’s blinking pattern gave away his deception.

The experts say he blinks twice before answering questions as his mind concentrates on getting his story straight.

Experts call this a Blink Sandwich.

He then does not blink while speaking - experts claim this is to see if he is being believed by the interviewer.

Expert in linguistics, Dawn Archer, says Lane tells police “don’t know” rather than “I don’t know” in an subconscious attempt to de-personalise him from the crime.

Obsessive Lane slit his ex girlfriend's throat then set fire to her bedroom
The Argus:

LANE was found guilty of murdering Shana Grice, 19, after she ended their relationship.

The jury took just two hours and 20 minutes to find Michael Lane guilty of slitting Shana Grice’s throat and setting her room on fire on August 25, 2016.

Lane, 27, of Thornhill Rise, Portslade, repeatedly denied killing his 19-year-old former girlfriend at her Chrisdory Road home.

But the trial heard how he lied time and time again to police and changed his story to cover up the crime.

He even tried to hide trainers covered in her blood in a field but was recognised by a member of the public who had seen his face in press reports about the murder and told police.

Lane even donned a disguise after the murder to draw money he claimed Miss Grice owed him out of her account using her bank card and pin number.

The jury delivered a unanimous verdict to huge cheers from member of Miss Grice's family and friends in the public gallery.

The decision brought members of the Grice family to tears.

Lane shut his eyes, looked up at the ceiling and down at the ground as the result was delivered.

Lane was sentenced to a minimum of 20 years.

Following the verdict, the Grice family issued a victim impact statement in which they said her murder could have been prevented if her fears had been listened to and taken seriously by the police. READ MORE

Sussex Police issue apology to Shana Grice's family

The Argus:
Deputy Chief Constable Bernie O’Reilly

SUSSEX Police has issued a public apology to the family of murder victim Shana Grice.

Sharon Grice criticised Sussex Police for not taking her 19-year-old daughter Shana seriously before she was killed by her jilted ex-boyfriend Michael Lane.

In a victim impact statement read in court following the conviction of Lane, Mrs Grice said: "We brought Shana up to respect authority and to always respect the law.

"We firmly believe her murder could have been prevented if her fears had been listened to and taken seriously by the police." READ MORE