TWO squirrels have been shot and killed near Seven Dials in Brighton.

One squirrel was found dead at the scene and the other died after being taken to the vet.

Seven Dials resident, Phoebe Frampton, found the both animals while walking her dog. 

The 27-year-old said: "There was a squirrel that wasn’t running away when my dog approached him and he was on his back struggling to move.

"So then I picked him up and I saw that he was bleeding in two of different spots but I did not know he had bullets inside."

The Argus:

The animals were found with gunshot wounds in the park near Vernon Terrace and Montpellier Crescent between 11am and 3pm on Friday.

Ms Frampton said that after handing the struggling animal to a wildlife charity, she was sent an x-ray revealing the bullets.

Later on in the afternoon she found another squirrel in the same park but it was already dead.

The Argus:

Ms Frampton added: "It is really distressing and scary to think that someone would do that knowing it’s illegal in such a public street.

"Imagine if they misfired – there’s children playing that park. 

Animal charity Urban Squirrels, who are on the lookout for information to hand to police, said: “Were you in the area on the morning of the 16th of November?

“Did you see anyone with a gun?

“The police have been contacted and will investigate, but they need witnesses.”

Those who might have information are asked to contact