WALKING through crunchy leaves, there’s a fresh breeze in the air as we all pull up our coat collars to shield us from the wind.

The feeling of autumn is turning to winter and The Argus Camera Club members have been capturing the mood.

Bradley Moon took the fantastic picture of the sycamore leaf at Stanmer Park, while Fiona Mccloskey took a shot of the leaves on a wet pavement.

Perhaps the most poignant and timely was the shot by Bob Miller taken of the poppy on Brighton Beach for Remembrance Day.

Argus editor Arron Hendy said he is delighted the camera club continues to grow.

He said: “It is fantastic that the camera club members are using the Facebook group to do exactly as we had hoped in sharing ideas and images.

“Photography as a hobby is open to so many more people now.

“We can all take pictures now at any time, on our way to work or school, or waiting for somebody.

“We carry our phones with us and we’re ready to capture images at any time of day. It means that when we see something we’d like a shot of, we’re always ready.”

Winners of the monthly camera club picture competition can claim a £50 prize. There is no specific theme for this month’s competition. The Argus Camera Club is for all amateur photographers who want to share their pictures of Brighton, Hove and the rest of Sussex.

As the community continues to build, we hope members will share tips and advice, join our projects and enter competitions.

By posting in the group, you consent to The Argus using the photos in our publications, websites and social media channels.

We ask you only to post images for which you have copyright.

To join, visit theargus.co.uk/photos/camera_club/ and follow the link. For full terms and conditions, see newsquest.co.uk.

Email allan.hutchings@theargus.co.uk for more details.