LEADING pro-European campaigner Gina Miller has urged young people to “rise up” and stop the Brexit chaos.

She called on them to “swamp your local MPs with phone calls, emails, letters, anything, demanding that they scrutinise Brexit, and end this chaos.”

Ms Miller was speaking to students from Hurstpierpoint College and Littlehampton Academy.

She said: “People say that you get the politicians you deserve.

“Well, I look at the current crop and ask what did we do wrong to deserve this lot.

“You (students) are the people who we’re relying on to remind us of our consciences, to remind us about the human values we seem to have lost in this country.

“The foundations this country was built on, of empathy, integrity, individual and collective responsibility, seem to have been worn away.

“And you young people are going to have to rebuild those foundations.”

She was talking at Hurstpierpoint College at a celebration of her new book, Rise: Life lessons in Speaking Out, Standing Tall and Leading the Way.

She gave a moving recollection of her strict but loving upbringing in Guyana.

Miller, who went to school in East Sussex, rose to national prominence following her successful legal challenge to the executive triggering of Brexit’s Article 50.

She received death threats and even had a ‘bounty’ placed on her life on social media.

She remains convinced that the economic impact of Brexit is still not fully understood.

She said: “I talk to so many business people who, behind closed doors, are absolutely panicking.

“They’re not telling people the full story because they are afraid of being attacked like I was.

“But in private they have no idea how they’re going to cope.”

She offered intriguing insider knowledge on the political motives behind some of the UK’s leading pro-Brexit politicians.

Gina said: “I know all of the leading figures on both sides of the Brexit campaign.

“And let me tell you, nobody, absolutely nobody thought Leave would win.

“That’s why there wasn’t a plan – nobody thought we needed one!”

Hurst’s Head of Sixth Form Janina Jedamzik said: “Gina’s been an absolute inspiration.

“It was a privilege to spend an evening with her.”

She initiated the 2016 R v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union court case against the British government over its authority to implement Brexit without approval from Parliament.