More than 1,000 people in Brighton took part in an international show of support to pro-democracy protesters in Burma.

A Dharma Yatra, or silent walk, took place today in cities across the world, including one in Brighton and Hove between the Palace Pier and the Hove Peace Statue.

The show of solidarity to Burmese Buddhist monks, who are protesting against the country's military dictatorship, was largely down to the internet which enabled people across the globe to co-ordinate their efforts.

The Facebook group 'Support the Monks' protest in Burma' which is administered by Brighton resident James Hooker was at the 190,000-member mark today and still growing.

Mr Hooker, who took part in the march, said: "The internet is playing a pivotal role in Burma. Bloggers are reporting atrocities and eye witness accounts of every detail concerning the crisis.

"It was great to see that people in Brighton are concerned about Burma and its people and that we are fighting together for the worthiest of causes."

The protest in Burma is the largest demonstration against its oppressive regime in 20 years and was sparked by a rise in fuel prices with a huge knock-on effect for food.

The military regime has responded violently to the protests and has been condemned throughout the world.

There were also gatherings in cities including Los Angeles, New York and London.

There will be similar protest walks next Sunday and again on Sunday October 14.

Everyone is free to attend to show their support with the march leaving the Palace Pier at 11.30am.