THE hunt is on to find a cat killer after two more reports of mutilations in the same area.

There have now been seven reports of mutiliated cats in the same square mile of central Brighton.

Animal protection charity Snarl says a sadistic hunter who slashes cats is on the loose.

Boudicca Rising, founder of Snarl, which is desperately trying to find the culprit, said: “Two more reports have come into us – one was a stab to the tummy, the other was a stab to leg.

“We are advising all cat owners to keep their cats indoors in the evening.”

All seven incident have occurred within one mile of Ditchling Rise in Brighton.

Injuries to the family pets have ranged from stab wounds to the legs to disembowelling.

The Argus:
Claire Taylor‎ with Merlin, who was attacked and killed on November 5

Snarl has laid out a timeline of the suspected attacks: 

One attack on October 15

One attack on October 30

One attack on October 3

Two attacks on November 5

One attack on November 9

One attack on November 18

The community strikes back

RESIDENTS in the area and beyond are joining the hunt to find the killer.

Leaflets are expected to be distributed in the area today and Snarl has been collating all information and passing it on to the police and the RSPCA.

One resident even called in psychics to help – but they were called off amid fears the finger could be pointed at the wrong people.

Several people have come forward with potential information relating to the killer since the first reports started spreading on social media.

One woman revealed that she had made a report to police in September after seeing a man who was “acting crazy” in North Laine – within the mile radius of the attacks.

She said the man was in Cheltenham Place, Brighton, and yelled “I’m going to kill the cat”.

It is understood police are now looking into the report.

Two of the owners who fear their cats have been attacked by “the Brighton Cat Killer” have forgiven the perpetrator in heartfelt messages.

The Argus:
Samson was disemboweled on Sunday evening

Seanin Mouland, whose cat Samson was disemboweled in a suspected attack on Sunday, was facing a £5,000 vets bill to treat his injuries.

But a successful fundraiser online raised the amount within days as cat-lovers across the country rushed to help.

Police drop the case

The Argus:
Sussex Police have been pressured to act

SEANIN Mouland was told by police they had dropped the case as there were no further lines of enquiry.

Ms Mouland has written to media outlets and Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas about the attack and posted on online message boards to put pressure on investigators to reopen their enquiries.

Ms Lucas said: “As a pet owner myself, I understand how heartbreaking it must be to find your cat severely injured and I sincerely hope Samson feels better soon.

“If there is evidence that a person attacked these cats, I am concerned

that the case has so readily been dropped.

“Incidents like this cause a significant amount of alarm and worry, and evidence from vets and animal protection organisations should be listened to and investigated accordingly.”

Since her intervention and following pleas from the public, police have relaunched the investigation under Operation Diverge.

A spokesman said: “We have received further reports of injured or deceased cats following the suspected stabbing of a pet in Ditchling Rise, Brighton, on Monday.

“Two officers have now been allocated to investigate the reports and establish whether there may be links between those that have not been shown to be attacks by other animals or accidental injury.”

PC Andy Chapman, who is involved in the investigation, said: “We are taking these incidents very seriously and we have already spoken at the

North Laine local action team meeting.

“In total, seven reports have been made since mid-September of which two have been confirmed as highly likely to be stabbing injuries.

“We understand the impact and emotional distress caused to the owners of much-loved pets and we are determined to put an end to these attacks.

“However, we do need help from the public.

“I urge anyone with information or who believes that their pet has been the victim of a deliberate, malicious attack is asked to report online or call 101 quoting Operation Diverge.”

Snarl have said they will now be taking a backseat role and will leave the investigation to police.

They have said they are still here for the Brighton residents who have concerns.

Residents share their horrific stories

The Argus:
Cat Samson has spent days fighting for his life in hospital

“I’LL never forget its little horrified face as it lay outside its owner’s door.”

A woman, who asked to remain anonymous, tells of seeing a cat after a suspected attack.

She said: “I was walking with my friend when she said there’s a cat in distress. 

“I went over and saw little thing with its head stuck to the floor.

“We knocked on the door and told the owner that we thought it had been hit by a car. 

“They said ‘that’s our cat’ and started howling.” 

The woman said she later found out the cat had been stabbed.

She added: “It is awful and disgusting, if they can do it to cats, I wonder if they can do it to humans.”

Owners of the cats targeted have expressed their grief and shock in light of the recent events.

Seanin Mouland, the owner of cat Sansom who was attacked on Sunday night, says he is currently recovering in hospital.

The Ditchling Rise resident said: “He is showing really positive signs of progress.

“He’s had the drain in his abdomen removed, his collar off, they’ve stuck a cool vest on him, he has a pain relief patch and he’s being weaned off the higher doses slowly.

“We are hoping that his healing is happening at this point- we can’t say for sure until tomorrow, when we are finally out of the critical stage.”

Ms Mouland said he has now had two major surgeries to heal damage inflicted in a suspected knife attack.

She added: “Every single one of the Grove Lodge hospital has been in support of us, and taking care of Samson in the best way. 

“They really care, are extremely attentive, and worth every penny they are getting.”

Claire Taylor from Brighton was the owner of Merlin, a cat who died after being disembowelled in a suspected Brighton Cat Killer attack.

The 35-year-old has a heart-felt message directed at her cat’s killer.

She said: “To the person who hurt our Merlin. I forgive you for what you have done, for the hurt and pain you have caused, for the emptiness you have left in our home.

“For the memories of that horrific Monday morning that still haunts us all, having to find our beloved Merlin in such pain meowing with such sadness.

“I forgive you for the tears we have cried because I am saddened that your life has been so loveless that you feel the need to do these things to feel anything.

“I hope that you find inner peace and I pray that you find love. 

“Rest in peace Merlin the most gentlest sweetest cat ever.

“I hope that in your death we are able to save many cats from the same fate.”

Ms Taylor joins Ms Mouland in forgiving the killer, with the Sansom owner penning an open letter to the attacker earlier this week.

She implored the assailant to hand themselves in a heartfelt letter on Tuesday.

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