FAMILY and friends celebrated the life of a woman whom they remember as a “female Peter Pan”.

Caroline Mason was described as a “party animal” who had a very bubbly personality. She was an energetic person who enjoyed the outdoors, and loved cycling.

Sometimes Caroline would have so much energy she could be seen zooming up and down the seafront on her bike.

She was born to Clive and Jennie Mason in Brighton on August 10, 1976, and she spent much of her childhood in Lower Bevendean. Caroline also has an older sister, Selina.

She was very close to their grandparents Harold and Gwen who helped raise her from a young age.

Caroline went to Falmer High School and later, she started working as a waitress at a Chinese cafe in Rottingdean.

She met Johnny Cheng, who owned the cafe, and they fell in love. The couple were overjoyed when they discovered they would be new parents.

Family and friends fondly recalled Caroline having a great sense of humour. She would joke with her aunt Debbie about the faces she would pull while giving birth.

On May 12, 1995, Caroline welcomed her baby daughter Sadie-May to the world.

When Sadie was still little, Caroline and her family went on holiday in Majorca.

Sadie was playing and got her fingers caught in the door of their hotel room.

Caroline scooped her up to run downstairs to the reception to get medical attention.

But as she was in a hurry, she fell, twisted her ankle and then dropped Sadie who landed on her arm and broke it.

The family did not have any holiday insurance so had to use all their spending money to pay the hospital bills.

The hotel took pity on them and gave them food vouchers so they could eat during the rest of their stay.

After a couple of years, Caroline and Johnny decided to continue their lives separately and she lived as a single parent with her daughter.

Caroline and Sadie had a special bond and right until Sadie turned 13, she would still curl up in Caroline’s bed at night for a cuddle.

Every night before they went to sleep she would say to her daughter “we want to be together, because I love you forever”.

Caroline and Sadie used to go for a delicious carvery together, they liked their roast dinners and enjoyed their quality mother and daughter time.

She also spent part of her life managing her bi-polar disorder.

She was diagnosed when Sadie was five, but the proud mother-of-one still battled her condition bravely.

She died in her sleep on November 6.

Family and friends will always remember the countless joyful moments that this loveable female Peter Pan created for them.