A CLASSIFIED advertisement website has been accused of acting “like a pimp” by an MP due to “sex for rent” on its platform.

Labour MP for Hove, Peter Kyle, raised concerns over Craigslist but said “nothing is being done whatsoever” to stop the sexual exploitation taking place via online ads.

Home Office minister Victoria Atkins responded to his question in the House of Commons about what her department is doing to stop web platforms allowing adverts to be published offering rent-free accommodation in return for sex.

She told MPs at Home Office questions: “The minister for policing has committed to engage with technology companies, including Craigslist, to press them to meet their responsibilities of providing their services safely and prevent them being used for criminal activity.”

But Mr Kyle, who has regularly brought up the issue in Parliament, responded: “When sexual exploitation occurs on the streets of this country, the police act.

“Yet when Craigslist is facilitating and profiting from sexual exploitation, through sex for rent, nothing is happening whatsoever.

“They are acting like pimps, why aren’t we treating them like pimps?”

Ms Atkins said it was a “very strong message to Craigslist”, and confirmed the government would take up the issue with the site.